Do you ever find yourself running at an unsustainable pace? With deadlines, presentations, and meetings stacking up, your life just seems to be spinning. When this happens, burnout and a lack of motivation are inevitably right around the corner. Burnout accounts for much of the loss of productivity in our culture today, which ultimately results in a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

When burnout hits and motivations dip, it’s important that you not turn to the television and binge the latest show on Netflix. Instead, there are a few ways to lean in and restart your motivational drive.


As a Content Strategist, there are times where I just don’t have the motivation to develop great content. I find myself staring at a blank screen hoping that some new genius idea will magically fly onto the page. In these moments, I find that a change of scenery can quickly jump start the creative juices. Next time you feel yourself losing motivation and tuning out, consider a change of space. Head to a local coffee shop or an outside workspace for some vitamin D. By physically moving your body, you are breaking the cycle of burnout and re-engaging your mind and body.


One of the largest distractions of our day is our technology. While it may seem counter-intuitive to consider disconnecting from technology as a way to re-motivate yourself, it’s actually the perfect solution. By disconnecting, even if just for 24 hours, you allow your internal creativity to flow uninterrupted. The constraints of strategy, direction, and goals dissipate, and you get back to your core passions. Consider taking a day to do something you love that requires little mental strain and instead allows your batteries to be recharged. At Ethos3, we recommend a disconnect day at least monthly – if not weekly – to allow optimal creativity recharge.

Zone Out

We live in a world that is jam packed with noise and distractions. With all these distractions fighting for our attention, it’s no wonder our brains get tired and lose motivation. A great way to combat this is to spend time daily zoning out. What we mean by that is allowing yourself time, even if just for 30 minutes a day, to let your mind go blank as you simply be rather than do. By zoning out daily, you give your mind an intentional break from the hustle and bustle which allows your body to recharge. Zoning out is difficult and it definitely takes practice, but by working it into your daily routine, we guarantee your work ethic will increase. It’s important to note that zoning out doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch and do nothing. You can zone out during a workout, watching a tv show, listening to music, or any number of other things. It is simply a time to turn off your brain and get lost in the activity.

A lack of motivation can be detrimental to not only you personally but your team and company as a whole. By practicing these three simple processes, you can recharge your emotional batteries and re-connect with your passions, which will allow you to step back into your work motivated and passionate as you lead and share!

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