You spent hours developing your big idea, you created the impactful content, and now you’re ready to bring this excitement to the world. You begin sending out emails and working to land your first in-person opportunity. But rather than finding a calendar full of meetings, you are met with a list of no’s and call-me-back-laters.

We live in an increasingly busy culture, and landing in-person time with leaders of organizations is becoming harder and harder. As a thought leader, landing the in-person presentation takes time and strategy. That’s why we put together 3 tips to landing the big day.

Find an introduction.

A quick way to cut past the red tape of scheduling is to find an introduction from within the company you are looking to meet with. When an internal person introduces you to their supervisor, your authority raises quickly. This added authority will help give credibility to what you have to share and the content you are delivering.

Create a send ahead presentation.

Many leaders want to know that your content is worth their time and how it will add value to their organization prior to investing their time. One of the key ways to prove this is by creating a send ahead presentation that is able to introduce you and your idea in a compelling way. This presentation should stand on its own and be self-explanatory. The key to this type of presentation is a clear action step and way for the leader to get in touch with you after looking at your presentation.

Follow up within 48 hours.

A large piece of landing an in-person presentation is follow up. It does not matter how compelling your send ahead presentation is if you don’t follow up with next steps. These leaders are busy, and they may love what you sent but fail to follow up with you, ultimately resulting in it slipping their mind and getting lost in their busy schedules. For follow up, we recommend you make a phone call directly to the leader you sent the send ahead to – this ensures nothing gets lost in email inboxes or missed.

Landing the in-person presentation is a challenging process. But with a little extra effort, you can set yourself apart from the busyness and prove to organizational leaders that a meeting with you is worth their time. By implementing these three tips, you will be on your way to filling your calendar and getting your content heard.

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