A large portion of audience engagement with a presenter is based simply on the fact of likability. If your audience likes you, the odds are that they are likely to connect with your content. However, on the other hand, if your audience does not like you, they are likely to disconnect early on and ultimately miss the content you have shared.

At Ethos3, we have worked with presenters across all industries and audiences of all personalities. In all of our experience, there is a surprising statistic about the makeup of your audience and how you can capitalize on it.

So, here it is…

10% of your audience will love you no matter what. They like you simply because you are you, and they feel connected with you.

10% of your audience will hate you no matter what. This statistic might be a little difficult to swallow, but unfortunately, it is true. There will be people in your audience that do not connect with you no matter how hard you try.

With these statistics in mind, it is your job to as the presenter to focus on the 80% of the audience members that are available to be won over. That is why we put together 3 techniques to win over your audience and gain their respect.

Speak with your audience – not at them

A quick way to isolate your audience and come across as egotistical is to speak at them rather than with them. By speaking at your audience, you build a barrier between you and them and can easily come across as arrogant. However, by speaking with your audience and inviting them in to your presentation, you create a connection that puts them on the same level as you. You are the expert at your content, so share it confidently – but, be sure to use stories, Q&A, and other interactive elements to invite your audience in.

Care about your audience

We live in the Photoshop Age. With the ability to show the best version of your life on the rise, there is a growing lack of trust amongst people. If you are looking to win over that 80% and gain their trust, you must genuinely care about them. Audience members can spot inauthenticity a mile away and quickly lower the trust and likability scale. On the flip side, a presenter who genuinely cares about their audience can win over not only the 80% but potentially even the 10% who don’t care for you.

Connect on a personal level

Presentations can be tiring. When you finish them, it can be tempting to simply gather your things and head out. But at Ethos3, we strongly encourage you to resist the urge and spend time connecting with your audience. By taking just a few minutes either before or after to connect on a personal level with your audience, you break down more barriers and can build likability with each audience member. This is a chance to make your content personal and reinforce what you shared during the presentation.

Earning the trust and getting your audience to like you is a vital part of a successful presentation. While you most likely will never win over the entire audience, it is your job to win over as many of the audience members as you can. By implementing these three techniques, you will be well on your way to winning over your audience and creating long-term engagement with your content.

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