Slide masters are a powerful tool for any presenter. They allow you to make mass changes across your entire slide deck with one click rather than painstakingly moving through each individual slide.

But for many presenters, this tool goes unused and overlooked as it is often hidden and misunderstood. We know that you don’t have time to go through your deck and search for minute changes, which is why we put together this quick tutorial to help you use Slide Masters to their fullest extent.

Creating Slide Masters

Step 1: Open a new presentation.
You may choose a template which can be edited using slide masters or a blank presentation that can be customized from the ground up.

Step 2: Click View button on the top right of the toolbar.

Step 3: Click Slide Masters on the toolbar.

Step 4: Click Insert Master Slide.

From here, you are ready to start editing your slide masters which will allow you to make bulk changes as you build your presentation.

Editing Slide Masters

Step 1: In the Slide Master tab, select Insert Layout.

Step 2: Design the basic layout of this slide.
Remember, this layout will populate every time you select this type of slide in your PowerPoint deck.

Step 3: Click Close Master.

Once you have created your master slides, it is time to import them into your presentation and customize your content.

Inserting Slides

Step 1: Click the small arrow to the right of the Insert Slide tab.

Step 2: Select the Master Slide layout you would like to insert.

Step 3: Edit the specific content on slide.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until the entire deck is created.

Once you have created the entirety of your slide deck, the power of the master slides kicks in. In order to make quick changes to fonts, colors, or layouts, all you need to do is go back into the Slide Master tab and edit the slide masters you have created there. Once you close the Slide Master tab, you will see your edits populate throughout the entirety of your presentation.

Slide Masters are often overlooked and unused, but they are a valuable tool to speed up your edits and keep your presentation looking clean and professional. They do take time on the front end to prepare, but if you invest that time, you are sure to save time and headaches overall.

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