Recently on the blog, we talked about the importance of discovering your passion and allowing that to be the driving force behind your work, your leadership, and your communication. But what we didn’t discuss is that once you have discovered your passion, how do you share that with the world?

Most great ideas die in the chasms of our own mind as people are unsure how to bring them out into the open. However, with the ever-increasing connectedness of our culture, sharing great ideas and passions is getting easier and easier.

Here are 3 ways to share your passion and ideas with the world around you right now.

Join a community.

Simply put, collaboration is a powerful tool to sharing your ideas with the world. When you surround yourself with like-minded people, not only do you find that your passion areas grow but your ideas begin to be honed as well. You learn from those around you, and often times it is this process of honing that prepares you to bring your ideas to the world.

When you step into community like this, it is important to have a teachable attitude and a willingness to let your ideas grow. If you hold on too tightly, you will push the community away and that idea may die on the table. But if you can approach this setting as a learner, there is no limit for what can take place.

Leverage social media.

At Ethos3, we talk a lot about how social media is the new presentation platform. With access to millions of people at the click of a button, presenters have a powerful platform to share their thoughts, ideas, and passions. Consider using the stories function within Instagram to share your passion and ideas with the world. You can even create a favorites section of your story where your content will live in one contained space.

Not quite bought in to the power of social media? Consider this: Recently, an organization called Together Rising was able to raise $3.7MIL in just 7 days to help support families affected by the tension at the border. Leveraging social media and creating what they called a #loveflashmob, Together Rising saw more than 78,000 people participate in their cause. Those figures are pretty impressive. Now, image how far your mission can go.

Start a blog.

If you have burning ideas inside of you, some of the best ways to get them into the world is to simply write them down. With the click of a button, you can get your thoughts into the world and watch as your followership and platform grow. Don’t get me wrong – blogging takes a lot of effort and, at times, can be a vulnerable process as you open your ideas up to critiques, but it is well worth the risk.

At Ethos3, we have created a culture of daily blogging which allows us an outlet for our most recent developments and passions. It is not only a life giving process for our team, it has opened doors for our brand into places we never expected.

Sharing your passion and ideas can be a scary process. It can leave you feeling uncomfortable as the critics of culture begin to speak to what you are sharing. In this process, it is important to remember that no one can take away your passion and the fact that you are sharing it is adding to the greater good of society.

Unsure of how to develop a passionate presentation? Contact our team today and find out how we can unlock and unleash your passion today!

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