Passion is a word often used to describe leading entrepreneurs, high-level athletes, and fast-paced business leaders. It is the core heartbeat of Wall Street and what drives innovators to continually push the envelope in their discoveries. If you look at the top leaders in the world, my guess is you would use the word passion to describe one of their greatest characteristics.

But the question is – if we were to talk to your friends and coworkers, would they use that word to describe you?

Passion is, in essence, the secret sauce to becoming a great leader. It is the undertone that will push you to do more and go farther. But many of us have not yet discovered our passion. Instead, we have settled for the status quo and our life, leadership, and presentations reflect that.

At Ethos3, we work with some of the most passionate leaders of our time by helping them to articulate their passion in a compelling way. But before we articulate it, we must start by understanding and, in some cases, uncovering their passion.

That is why we’re sharing the questions that we use to get to the crux of our clients’ passion with you. Reflect on the following questions to unlock your passion.

What keeps you up at night?

Answering this question is a great way to understand what you care most about. These are the thoughts that you have after the busyness of your life, kids, and job have died down and your brain has time to wander. The areas of your life that you find yourself thinking about in these moments are a great place to begin to uncover your passion. Self-awareness is key in this process – when a new idea or thought pops into your head in these moments, be sure to take note of it and watch for repeating patterns.

What makes you cry?

For many leaders, this is an uncomfortable question. Many people see crying as a form of weakness and would rather avoid talking about these moments of vulnerability. But as a thought leader, it is in these moments that your passions can begin to unveil themselves. These moments are a glimpse into your emotional self and show those topics or issues that affect not just your head but also tug at your heart. Another way to ask this is what makes you angry? What you are primarily looking for are the areas or experiences in your life that elicit an emotional response.

What are you willing to invest in?

Where we invest our time and money is a key indicator of what our passions are. These are two finite resources and being willing to invest them shows a level of not just interest but of true passion. If you find yourself feeling passionless, open your bank statement and look at the areas of your life that you invest the bulk of your financial resources. Then, open your calendar and explore how you allocate your time. The odds are that in the midst of those two searches, you will find a common thread that can be measured against the previous questions.

As a thought leader, discovering your passions is a vital part of your self development. It is a process that does not happen overnight but rather continually as these areas of your life are likely to grow and change over time. But if you take the time to discover your passions, you will find that not only are your ideas more effective, but your life will be more fulfilling. So ask yourself these questions. Your answers just might surprise you.

Are you looking to share your passion with the world through a presentation? Contact our team today to find out how we can help you unveil your passion.

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