In an increasingly skeptical culture, authenticity is a vital part of every presentation. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and, in turn, trust that your content is real and valuable. But with statistics that show at the highest percentage that only 1/3 of our current generations believe most people can be trusted, how do you deliver authenticity to your audience?

At Ethos3, we know authenticity is hard to come by, which is why we have put together a few keys to delivering an authentic presentation.

Care about your audience.

The number one way for an audience to see through your authenticity is a general lack of caring. Your audience knows the difference between someone who is sharing information just to share it and someone who genuinely hopes you will learn and develop from the content. As an authentic presenter, you must look at your audience and care. Take time to hear them, learn their stories, and engage in more ways than just by verbalizing your content. By doing so, your audience will feel your passion as well as caring interest in their development.

Share stories of your failures.

In the social media culture, audiences are used to seeing the highlight reels of those around them. However, with the increase in the celebration of our successes has come an increase in our skepticism of reality. By sharing stories of your failures or mishaps you have experienced, you remove yourself from the presenter pedestal which removes the walls of inauthenticity and lack of trust between you and your audience. These stories should always have a point and be wrapped into a lesson for your audience while still embracing the vulnerability of the moment.

Be yourself.

From childhood, we are taught that it is important to be ourselves. While this seems like such a simple task, it is, in fact, quite difficult. As a presenter who is seeking authenticity, you must learn to be comfortable in your own skin and let that shine through. If being you means you are passionate and driven, let that come out on stage. If being you means you are calm and collected, then let that come out. Whatever it is that makes you you is what needs to shine through every time you are in front of an audience. This will not only help you to build trust with your audience, but it will break down walls that may keep them from connecting with you.

Authenticity is a word that is often used but difficult to embrace. We all have a desire to only present our best selves or our perceived best selves to the world. However, it is the presenters that learn to embrace authenticity that become a breath of fresh air to the audience and find themselves with not only more engagement on presentation day, but a lasting legacy long after.

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