The millennial generation consists of anyone born between 1979 and 2000. In spite of being blamed for the demise of chain restaurants everywhere, a recent study suggests that this generation will make up 46% of the workforce by 2020. Though they make up nearly half of the professional workforce, they are also one of the most misunderstood and skeptical generations of all time.

According to recent studies, only 19% of this generation express most people can be trusted in comparison to 31% of Gen Xers and 37% of Babyboomers. Raised with an innate lack of trust, the millennial generation can be a difficult group to understand. But at Ethos3, we have found there are a few ways to tap in to the uniqueness of this generation and leverage it in your presentation style.

Connection is Key

Millennials have a deep desire to be on a team. Having grown up as one of the most connected generations of all time through social media and the internet, they are also one of the most emotionally disconnected generations of all time. The fact is that millennials lack social connection, and because of this, they desire it in their daily lives.

As a presenter, you can tap into this desire by connecting with your audience in a personal and emotional way. Consider connecting with audience members ahead of time to learn names and have a personal tie. Then use these connections to personalize your presentation as you deliver.

The Greater Good Matters

For millennials, a desire to make an impact on the greater world around them runs deep. Having grown up with access to free flow of information, they are deeply entrenched in social justice and a desire to see others live better. Often referred to as a selfish generation, their desire to see others empowered is actually quite high.

Knowing the importance of the greater good, presenters should consider wrapping their call to action to the greater good as a great opportunity to increase long-term engagement. The key to leveraging this emotional tie is showing why your content matters to more than just the singular focus.

Knowledge is Power

With access to greater education and an increase in post high school engagement, millennials are driven by learning. They have been taught for years that knowledge is the key to a successful future and are always looking for ways to attain more of it.

Leveraging the desire for attained information in your next presentation will ensure that the millennials in the room leave both equipped and excited to share what they have just done. Be sure that all data and content are visually represented and presented in an exciting way to maximize their engagement during the presentation which will enable long-term retention.

With nearly half of your audience made up of the millennial generation, it is time to take note of the uniqueness of their personalities and adapt. By leveraging these three ideas, you will not just be speaking their language but impacting their hearts and minds.

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