Digital presentations are becoming more and more common in the presentation space. With improvements in technology comes the ability to present anywhere in the world without the cost and time delays of travel. However, in this format of presentation, it is far easier for an audience member to become distracted and disengaged from what you are sharing. That is why you as a presenter must lean in to mastering this presentation format which will ultimately lead to a growth in your message and platform.

At Ethos3, we know how important it is to evolve with the ever-changing climate of presentations. That is why we have put together 3 tips to deliver an effective digital presentation.

Create a visually appealing slide deck.

Just because you are presenting in a digital format doesn’t mean you don’t need a slide deck. In fact, we would argue that it’s even more important to create a compelling slide deck in this format than it is in a traditional format. Be sure that your design is engaging and visually appealing. With this digital format, we recommend adding a bit more text to your slides than in a traditional format. This will allow your audience to follow along and read as they listen to you share – just be sure to use restraint and not over do it.

Show your face.

Often times when presenting in an online format, the presenter shares their screen and delivers the content via audio. Simply listening to a person’s voice for an extended period of time can not only become boring, but it is highly ineffective. With so much of our communication coming from body language, it is crucial that you show your audience your face while you deliver. Today’s modern video platforms all have a built-in feature to allow you to do this. It is also important to note that by showing your face, you must pay attention to your appearance and wardrobe. Be sure to dress in such a way that is professional.

Hand draw a few key statistics.

The online format can quickly become boring if there is nothing new and engaging happening throughout. By implementing hand drawn statistics or charts, you reconnect your audience and make them feel like you are right there next to them. You can choose to do this in an analog way using a whiteboard and marker, or you can choose the more digital format using a drawing tablet and pen. Whichever you choose, hand drawing in the middle of your presentation can be a powerful tool for re-engaging your audience.

Delivering a presentation in a video format can seem overwhelming and, in some cases, feel like a waste of time. But by implementing these three tips, you can take control of your presentation and grow your platform exponentially.

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