Communication is a skill that everyone is born with but only some learn to master. In a world that is constantly distracted and on the go, it seems to be getting harder and harder to communicate clearly. However, studies show that the ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, is in many cases the most important factor leaders look for when promoting employees.

Whether you are just starting out at a company or have been in your role for a long time, learning to communicate in a way that sets you apart as a leader could be a gamechanger for your career.

That’s why we’ve put together 3 C’s to communication that will leave you labeled as a leader in the eyes of your boss and coworkers alike.


Portraying confidence in your communication is a sure-fire way to get labeled as a leader. By portraying confidence in your language, abilities, and overall demeanor, you communicate to your peers and your supervisors that you know who you are and are ready to lead others. It shows that you will not crumble under the pressure of leadership and that you are excited to take on the challenge.

Quick Tip: Take time to research and learn as much as you can about your industry. This extra knowledge will help you feel confident as you communicate in off-the-cuff interactions.


I once had a coworker who, no matter what the question was, would take 15 minutes to give a response. These answers were long-winded and often scattered, usually leading to more confusion than a conclusion. What I found is that rather than risk being trapped in this endless conversation, my colleagues and I would avoid asking this person questions altogether. As members of our team were promoted, this individual wondered why they were stuck in the same role.

The short answer: a lack of clarity.

This team member was unable to communicate quickly and clearly, which resulted in potentially good ideas falling on ears that were no longer listening. By learning to communicate clearly, you will show your leaders that you have taken the time to think about ideas ahead of time and are prepared to share them when needed.

Quick Tip: When presenting an idea to a supervisor, make sure it can be described in 3 minutes or less. This elevator pitch should intrigue your supervisor to ask more questions or inquire more later.


If you are looking to earn the label of “Leader”, you must communicate in such a way that shows you know your stuff. Similar to confidence, competence plays out in more than just words – it’s also about the way you complete your role. Communication is more than just what you say; it’s also what you do. You can talk about how good you are or how great your ideas are all day, but a lack of execution and competency will quickly stall out your upward trajectory.

Put in the work behind the scenes, be diligent in your execution, and always look for ways to better yourself and your knowledge.

Quick Tip: Competence is often established when no one is looking. Don’t grandstand or show off – just show up and allow your work to speak for itself. After all, it will speak louder and more clearly than you can.

In a competitive, career-driven culture, communication is a key that can set you apart from your peers and earn you the label of a leader. By embracing these three C’s, you will be well on your way to inspiring others and earning that next promotion.

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