With the rise of social media and constant access to HD cameras in everyone’s pockets, sharing your thoughts and ideas has never been easier. With a simple email and password, you quickly gain access to the minds of people you would otherwise never cross paths with. Whether you are selling your brand or looking to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, social media is a great platform to bring your presentations to the masses.

Don’t get us wrong – becoming a rockstar at social media takes a lot of work and requires constant attention. It’s certainly no easy feat, which is why our team has put together a few tips to make sure your content will be as effective as possible.

Every day, almost 5 BILLION videos are watched on YouTube. Couple that with the platform’s 30 million visitors every day, and YouTube can be a presenter’s best friend. YouTube is a great spot for you to archive all of your presentations so that your live audience can refer to them later. It’s also a great place for any form of tutorial or educational content. The key to a successful YouTube channel is analytics – you must figure out who is watching and cater your content to that audience.

Facebook was originally designed as a networking platform for college students. It has since evolved into a powerful network and communication tool for people all around the world. Studies show that the average length of view on Facebook is just 10 seconds; however, the average video is 4 minutes. Knowing that audiences are only watching for a brief moment on this platform, consider posting short highlights from your YouTube content. Focus on your key idea, and then invite your audience to check out the full post on your YouTube channel for even more great content.

Spend just 5 minutes scrolling through Instagram, and you will see everything from the latest concert to the best homemade cookie recipe. And with users poring through 80 million photos every day, Instagram has become the go-to platform to put the highlights of our lives on display. As a presenter, be sure to post worthwhile visual content about real life to your Instagram daily. Instagram is also a great platform to take advantage of the story and live video functions which allows you to put a real face to your feed.

As a presenter and thought leader, engaging with your audience is vital – and that is where Twitter comes in. Twitter allows your audience to connect with you without giving out your personal contact information to everyone. Whether by replying to a tweet or direct messaging you personally (or “DMing” as the cool kids say), it’s easy for your audience to get ahold of you and share their thoughts. When leveraging Twitter, be sure to use hashtags and share your handle during every presentation. This will help your message spread further and faster in an organic way.

Social media has gotten a bad rap over the years, but like it or not, it’s not going away. That’s why as a presenter, you must learn to use it and leverage it to share your message with as many people as possible. After all, your job is to inspire and motivate the masses – why not reach your largest audience possible?

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