At Ethos3, we work with clients to develop engaging content, create clean designs, and deliver with excellence. From start to finish, we work in tandem with our clients to deliver the compelling presentation of their dreams. Recently I spoke with a client who had mentioned working with another design firm and their displeasure with how the process went. As we discussed what went wrong, it became clear that there was some miscommunication on all sides. Starting from the beginning, we implemented the proven Ethos3 strategy and ultimately were able to leave this client with the stellar presentation they were trying to get all along.

After experiencing this same situation with many of our clients, the team at Ethos3 has come up with 3 things every client should know to get the most out of their agency and create a working partnership.

Do some research.
Every design firm has its own style that they do really well. At Ethos3, we are happy to design whatever you need but our signature style is based on bold imagery with simple wording. We know that visuals increase information retention by 42% so we do our best to stick with icons and infographics when it comes to illustrating data, and we will do everything we can to eliminate as many bullets as possible. As a client take some time to research ahead of time the style of the agency you are working with. Most agencies will have a portfolio on their website and this is a great place to start when trying to figure out what they like. By doing this research ahead of time, you can speak in a more educated manner when you are on a discovery call with the agency. You will be able to call out specific things you liked and disliked which will give the staff working on your project a better shot at getting it right on the first try.

Engage in the partnership.
When you hire a presentation company, you are entering into a collaborative partnership. Your content strategist and designer likely won’t be experts in your field, but they are experts at bringing your content to life with your help. The more context and information you can give them, the more likely they are to get the story and design right. We as a company believe in the power of story, which is why we invest a large chunk of our process into creating the perfect narrative for your presentation. Don’t hesitate in this early stage to speak up and help clarify even the smallest detail. After all, it’s much easier to make these tweaks early on, and the agency will be aiming to do your content justice. Presentation agencies are here to partner with you, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts so we can create the best presentation possible for you.

Allow enough lead time.
Developing the perfect presentation takes time. While there are times when deadlines are tight and an agency that specializes in presentations like Ethos3 can turn around a design quickly, the more time you can give, the better your end product will be. By allowing enough lead time, you are ensuring that you get more than just a cool design – you’ll also get an expertly crafted presentation developed from start to delivery. If you have ample time, you’ll allow for revisions and tweaks to perfect your presentation, and if you work with Ethos3, you’ll even be able to add on in-depth presentation delivery training that we offer our clients. It’s important to note when it comes to timing that you should be hearing from your agency throughout the entire project. If radio silence takes place, be sure to reach back out to ensure your project is not stuck in project limbo.

Hiring a presentation company is an investment, and as a client, you want to get the best out of your investment. By implementing these three quick tips, you can guarantee you are getting the most out of your investment and end up with the best presentation possible.

The team at Ethos3 would be honored to create your next presentation. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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