According to the latest psychological research, stories activate 7 regions of the brain while facts and figures activate just 2 regions. However, in today’s presentation culture, we often rely on our facts and figures to communicate our content and shy away from stories. Maybe it’s because they are harder to deliver, or maybe it’s because we think that facts and figures will build credibility. But if you want to elevate your presentation, it’s vital that you learn how to tell a story like a pro.

Still not convinced? The team at Ethos3 has put together 3 reasons to embrace the art of story in your next presentation.

Stories engage more of the brain and lead to greater retention.
With stories activating 7 regions of the brain, it’s clear that your audience will be more engaged by listening to your story. Even better, with larger engagement comes greater memory retention. By using stories to bring your facts and figures to life, you create an environment that is ripe for information retention. In order to leverage this increase in retention most effectively, be sure to work your facts and figures into the stories that you share.

Stories trigger an emotional response, and emotions – not logic – drive most consumer decisions.
Stories are a far more effective method for eliciting an emotional response from an audience than facts and figures. And studies show that emotions are a necessary ingredient to almost every decision a consumer makes. By telling stories, you are able to affix a positive emotion to your content that will keep your audience engaged and ready to purchase.

Stories inspire people to act.
Stories are a presenter’s way to bring information to life and move your audience from an informative state to an inspired state. We’ve all seen the inspirational stories found on the news of a local hero, and then watched as GoFundMe accounts soar as people show up in droves to do anything they can. This response is a simple reaction to the inspiration of the story. The same power exists in your next presentation. Find an impactful story that brings your content to life and watch as your audience jumps in to help.

Telling great stories is more difficult that simply sharing facts and figures, but as a presenter, the extra effort is always worth it. At Ethos3, we believe in facts and figures and the power they bring, but we also believe that it is through the power of story that those facts and figures have a real impact.

Have a big presentation coming up? Our team would love to help. At Ethos3 we do more than design a professional deck. We help you tell your story in a unique and visually stunning way and then hand you the tools to give a powerful and compelling delivery. Contact our team today to find out how we can help.

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