ProPresenter is a well-known presentation software in the church world. With multi-function capabilities, it’s a great one-stop-shop for everything that goes into pulling off a glorious church experience. But what if we told you that ProPresenter is not just a church presentation software? The world of presentations is changing; no longer is it sufficient to simply place words on a screen. With increasing attention spans, presenters must constantly work to re-engage their audience. That is where the multi-functionality of ProPresenter comes in for you.

ProPresenter isn’t just a software for churches these days, and here’s why.

Play videos with ease.
In traditional presentation software, videos require an embedded file or the ability to switch between programs. This can result in a laggy, clunky delivery which can detract from the presentation rather than add to it. ProPresenter allows you to quickly load in any video to play seamlessly when the slide is selected. Along with easy play function, you can select ins and outs as well as do some basic video editing all within the ProPresenter software.

Quickly adjust to any screen size.
As a presenter, you may not always know what screen size your presentation will be on. With traditional presentation software, if you come prepared with slides for the wrong display size, there’s a risk of your design ratios becoming skewed and your design looking sloppy. In ProPresenter, a simple click of a button will change your entire template to any standard display size as well as a custom display ratio. This feature ensures that you’re prepared for any presenting environment.

Jump from slide to slide.
Sometimes presentations don’t go as planned, and as a presenter, you have to learn to adapt on the fly while still presenting all of your content. With traditional presentation software, jumping between slides is difficult and requires multiple clicks. In ProPresenter, you can seamlessly click to a slide you may have missed. This is such a seamless process that your audience will never know anything is out of the ordinary.

Built-in audio player.
In presentations, it’s becoming commonplace to play an audio clip of another presenter or use sound effects to help set the mood of a story. ProPresenter has a powerful built-in audio player that will allow you to do just that. All you need to do is load in the audio you would like to use and attach it to the slide. You can also navigate and play the audio at any time on its own. Much like the video player, there are also simple editing functions built right into the audio player.

ProPresenter has always been labeled as a “church software,” and while it is built specifically for churches, it is a powerful tool for any presenter. Using ProPresenter will require you to bring your own computer, but with all the built-in functions and handy features, it’s more than worth the little bit of extra effort. Check it out and see how this multi-use software can change the game for your next presentation.

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