When it comes to presentation design it is easy to get overwhelmed in all the technology available. If you are anything like me, you open up a program like photoshop and are unsure where to start, so instead you settle for some stock images pulled from google and the basic abilities of PowerPoint.

As of late I have spent more and more time dabbling in design and have found a few easy to use apps that every presenter should have in their back pocket. These apps not only allow you to create clean designs, but they are user friendly and easy to understand.

This has become one of my favorite apps to use. Especially when it comes to overlaying text on an image. With built in templates, integration with stock photo websites, and a large library of fonts this app is easy to use and always creates a clean look. At a moderate cost of $69/year or $9.99/month, this is a great tool for the on the go professional looking to create clean designs for their next presentation.

If you are a person who is feeling particularly ambitious and want more a free drawing design, procreate is perfect for you. Designed to be used with an apple pencil and iPad pro, procreate gives all the utilities of photoshop in a user-friendly format. You will find over 150 brushes, 50 customizable settings for each brush, and the ability to layer your design for great control. At a cheap one-time fee of $9.99 procreate creates a fully customizable experience for the user to draw and create whatever they imagine.

Adobe InDesign
This last option is for the more ambitious people in the group. In my experience Illustrator is the easiest of all the adobe suite to use for the novice in graphic design. A little less user-friendly Illustrator comes with all the tools of the adobe suite but with more usability from a layout standpoint. This makes it a great program to use when trying to design more in depth slides that can be dropped into a PowerPoint or keynote presentation. Illustrator is the most expensive of all the options at $19.99/month with a year contract or $29.99 a month with no contract.

A clean and engaging design is vital for a great presentation, however not all of us have the ability to hire a design firm to create it for us. These three apps are a great starting point for any professional when it comes to creating a great design that fits their unique needs.

If you are interested in some more tools to creating a great design, check out our design toolbox today.


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