Presentation fear can be crippling to anyone tasked with speaking in front of an audience. It can leave us nervous, distracting and unprepared. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The team at Ethos3 has put together a powerful webinar with 3 secrets great presenters use to eliminate fear and crush anxiety.

What you will learn in this exclusive webinar:

Secret #1
How to discover your unique presentation persona so you can build your confidence and extinguish your fears.

Secret #2
Learn how to create and design presentations even as a non-designer so you are more courageous and self-assured every time you are in front of a room.

Secret #3
Obtain and master the prove blueprint used by today’s best speakers which allows them to woo their audiences and wow their listeners.

We will be looking at the Presentation Mentor Blueprint: the system that is used by today’s best presenters.

This free webinar airs every Tuesday at 11:0AM EST featuring presentation expert Scott Schwertly. To reserve your seat, go to

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