From how to be a better partner to how to live a happier life, TED Talks are full of advice and insight designed to improve any number of elements in your life, and your career is no exception. There are a handful of TED Talks that are specially designed to help you work smarter, more efficiently, and offer practical suggestions for how to advance in your given profession.

If you’re ready to propel yourself to the next level of success in your career, be sure to add the following presentations to your watchlist.

The career advice you probably didn’t get by Susan Colantuono
In this motivating talk, CEO of consulting firm Leading Women, Susan Colantuono, discusses the importance of establishing yourself as a leader. Using practical, applicable suggestions, she delves into the three most important skills you should have to be promoted as a leader in your field—business, strategic, and financial acumen—and the ways to hone them and showcase them to the people who matter. It’s most definitely a must-see for any professional, no matter your career.

Why work doesn’t happen at work by Jason Fried
Ever feel like you spent all day at work with nothing to show for it? Well, Jason Fried feels your pain and offers a solution for it in his unique talk. Fried argues that constant interruptions due to meetings, managers, and other forced communes throughout the workday are a major hindrance to our productivity and constructive trains of thought, hence why remote workers are at an increase. If you can’t work remotely, though, you’ll still finish this presentation knowing how to take better control of your time and with more courage to say “no” so you can get ish done.

The paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz
When it comes to our careers, a lot of us feel stuck. We feel stuck in the wrong job, in the wrong role, or in the wrong place, but for some reason, despite all the options at our disposal, we feel paralyzed to move forward. In this presentation, Barry Schwartz talks about how having too many choices can actually prevent us from moving forward at all, and goes on to discuss how we can overcome that. If you feel stuck in any way, you need this talk in your life.

The happy secret to better work by Shawn Achor
A lot of us feel like if we work harder, we’ll get more money, which, in turn, will make us happier. The problem is, working our asses off tends to drain us of our productivity-making energy. In his groundbreaking talk, Shawn Achor delves into the idea that we’ve been doing it wrong all along: Rather than work harder to ultimately get happier, we should get happier first, which will make it easier and more fun for us to work harder. With 17 million views and counting, it’s clear that a lot of people are benefitting from this idea.

8 secrets of success by Richard St. John
Presenting thoughts and insight from people like Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch, Richard St. John discusses the not-so-secret things successful people do to reach greatness in their career—and he does it in a brief but ultra-valuable three-minute presentation. From playing to pushing, this presentation will leave you with all the tools you need to find success in your career and in life, and, spoiler alert: it’s a lot easier than you might think.

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