With the rise of both technology and presentation standards, has come an increasing number of presentation software options at our disposal. No longer is PowerPoint the only route to take for a killer presentation. These days, there is an ever-growing list of viable presentation programs you can take advantage of depending on your industry and needs. And Prezi is swiftly rising up the ranks as the go-to staple for business professionals looking to create high-quality presentations.

Prezi offers a number of unique features that are indispensable to presenters in business, and we’ve highlighted our standout favorites below.

Say Goodbye to Slides
One of the biggest reasons Prezi stands out from the pack is that it takes a nonlinear approach to presentation design. In other words, it doesn’t use slides. That means you can create presentations that are more unique and entirely customized to your needs. And with storytelling becoming such a critical component of every business and presentation, Prezi’s nonlinear structure can make it a lot easier to tell your story in the precise way you want to. 

Easy Collaboration

A lot of business professionals aren’t presenting alone; they’re collaborating with other people and team members to create and deliver their presentations. Well, Prezi’s real-time collaborative capabilities makes that a breeze. Everyone involved in the presentation can provide notes, make changes, and chat with other team members from anywhere, at any time using just a link.

Present Anywhere
Speaking of anywhere at any time, that’s exactly how you can deliver a Prezi presentation. Unlike other programs, Prezi doesn’t need to be installed on a computer to work. You can access and deliver your presentation on any device with a wireless connection. And if you need to send it to others, that’s a cinch too; anyone with a link to your presentation will be able to see a high-def version of it, even if they don’t have Prezi.

Optimize Results
Rather than guess how well your presentation went, Prezi lets you see real, measurable results using analytics. You’ll know who viewed your presentation, which parts they focused on and which areas caused them to stop viewing, as well as how long they spent viewing it overall. And if you’re working on a team, you can create live leaderboards that display competitive sales data to track your team’s performance.

Progressive Disclosure
Progressive disclosure is a fancy name for Prezi’s ability to zoom into any topic of your presentation and reveal a new layer of information while making the overview layer disappear. For example, if you’re presenting on different business models, you can use this feature to take a closer look at the details of each one without having to clutter up one slide with loads of text (which you should never, ever do.)

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