Whether you’re a seasoned presenter with years of speeches under your belt or you’re brand new to the public speaking game, delivering a presentation can be pretty damn anxiety-provoking—and for good reason!

From curating awesome content to designing beautiful slides to executing a delivery that sells, compels, and motivates, there’s a lot that goes into a killer presentation. And with that, a lot that can potentially go wrong.

Now, we don’t say that to freak you out, but rather to point out how valuable support and encouragement is before presentation time rolls around.

That’s why our team of presentation enthusiasts at Ethos3 decided to create a unique set of presentation stickers for iMessage designed to support and encourage all of your presentation-loving (or hating) friends.

Now it’s that much easier to tell others how much the audience will love them and to remind ‘em to just say no to bullet points.

So win some points with the people you care most about by downloading this fun presentation sticker set today.

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