With the explosive rise of technology, audiences have come to expect a whole lot more from presentations. Bland, bullet-pointed presentations in which design is obviously an afterthought are no longer acceptable as high-tech, beautifully designed presentations take their place. Of course, not everyone has the time to research the things that make presentations great—like colors that influence behaviors or typography to find the most impactful font.

If you’re like most, then you already have a full plate of work on your hands—the last thing you want to do is study in-depth design along with all your other presentation prep. That’s why an increasing number of presenters are looking to presentation designers to take the load off their back. But not all designers are created equal. If you want to ensure you’re hiring the best of the best, then be sure that whoever you hire checks off the following boxes.

Presentations Are Their Passion
If you’re connecting with a potential designer and you can’t feel their passion and enthusiasm for design right off the bat, look elsewhere. Presentation design requires meticulous attention to detail and a ton of elbow grease. Without a passion for it, it’s easy to skip things that should be done. If you’re working with someone who seems less than enthused, you can bet corners will be cut at the expense of the quality of your presentation.

They Know the Science Behind Design
Everything about your presentation—from the colors used to the spacing of the lines to the sizes of the fonts—should be executed in the most effective way possible. But the only way to know what’s most effective is by knowing the science behind design. Therefore, your designer should demonstrate a keen understanding of things like how color theory influences behavior, the most effective composition for making an impact, and how to lay out information in a way that’s most likely to be absorbed and retained.

They’re on the Pulse of Presentation Trends
In addition to knowing the science behind design, your designer should also know the latest trends. Not only does this show that they care a great deal about what they’re doing, but it’ll inform their work as they better understand what’s resonating with current audiences and what sorts of designs audiences are connecting with. It’ll also ensure that your presentation doesn’t look outdated or out-of-touch.

They Have a Strong Portfolio of Work
The best measure to see what a designer can do for you is to see what they’ve done for others. Be sure that whoever you hire has a strong portfolio of work they’re eager to share and that you spend some time getting to know it. In addition to showing you that they’re capable of doing great work, it’ll also let you know whether their design aesthetic meshes with your own.

They Offer a Wealth of Presentation Resources
The best presentation designers care deeply about what they do and are eager to share it with others, so a great way to determine whether someone is worth your money is to check out the learning resources they offer. If your potential designer has a robust blog featuring a wide range of tips, techniques, and best practices you can take advantage of, then there’s a good chance they’re knowledgeable and strong at what they do.

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