The best presenters know that in order to deliver an amazing presentation, you have to know your audience. And that extends well beyond simply knowing their general demographic. If you want your presentation to connect, then you better know the interests, desires, hopes, and character traits of those you’re speaking to.

Believe it or not, Generation Z—people born from 1995 and after—are beginning to infiltrate the real-world workforce in a major way. And they’re shaping up to have a different set of characteristics and traits than the generations before them.

While it’s too soon to say exactly what a Generation Z audience will look like, tailoring your Gen Z presentation to the following characteristics is a safe bet for a killer delivery.

They’re Online in a Major Way
Gen Z literally grew up with the Internet at their fingertips, with 92% of them reporting going online daily, so you’d be wise to design your presentation with that in mind. If you integrate plenty of opportunities for online and mobile interaction as well as create a high-quality, high-tech presentation, it’ll be a whole lot easier to grab and hold their attention.

They’re Racially and Ethnically Diverse
Generation Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet. That said, when designing a presentation to them, you’ll want to be sure it’s culturally sensitive while making a concerted effort to include a diverse range of people and places in your images and messaging.

They’re Socially Conscious
Similarly to Millennials, Generation Z is highly mission-driven and socially conscious. They seize opportunities that allow them to make an impact, so it’s a great idea to focus your presentation on the “whys” behind your message—Why does your message matter? Why will it make an impact, and how?

There Are a Lot of ‘Em
Gen Z makes up 24.3 percent of the United States population, which makes them larger than millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers. They’re also predicted to hold $3 trillion in purchasing power by 2020. That being said, this is not a generation that you want to overlook when thinking about designing future presentations.

They Value Transparency
Gen Z grew up in the age of information. They’re quick to spot a shady brand via bad reviews and they’ve no tolerance for inauthentic sales messages. To engage this audience, you definitely want your presentation to be radically transparent, authentic, and honest.

They Love to Get Personal
Because they grew up with social media, this generation is used to compelling, personal, and mission-driven storytelling from brands and individuals alike. If you design a presentation that fails to get personal and vulnerable, then this audience will have a tough time connecting with it.

They’re Highly Independent
By 2020, a whopping 40% of the U.S. workforce is projected to be freelancers, and Gen Z is responsible for a lot of that. This generation grew up with plenty of independence and flexibility, and it doesn’t like to be confined to a box. Therefore, a presentation that’s less structured and authoritative and more flexible and interactive is likely to work well.

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