A sales presentation is an integral part of your marketing and sales goals. Your deck, when presented right, can generate new leads, inform a wide audience and drive up sales. There are useful tips that presenters should know and use in their sales presentations to ensure they give the most effective delivery every time. The best part is these presentation tips come from a self-made millionaire. This article will show you how to apply them to your sales deck.

Entrepreneur Grant Cardone says he’s given sales presentation over the last 35 years. There are three fundamental pieces all sales presentations must have. “Customers have to see what you sell, what it does, and how it can benefit them,” says Cardone. He says he has five tips to help you deliver a great sales presentation.

Balance Your Product Knowledge

The main point of a sales presentation is to sell a product. Finding the right balance of what your audience absolutely needs to know can be challenging. Too much information can become confusing and miss the message. Too little information and your audience may not be convinced to buy it. Cardone recommends focusing on the competitive advantages. “Become an expert with your product and be able to discuss features, advantages, and benefits better than anyone,” says Cardone. “When comparing products, know how your product is different, know the advantages, and know how to make sense of the purchase.” This will help you determine the details your audience must know on your product.

Obtain Mental Ownership

Presenters must have confidence and personality to win over a buyer. This means you have to be in control of the presentation from beginning to end. “Mental ownership precedes every purchase and a big part of how you control your presentation,” says Cardone. Your confidence will win over the audience and sell the product. Keep your attitude positive and your language persuasive.

sales presentation tips

Know Your Buyer’s Values

One key trick to a successful sales presentation is knowing your audience. Study up on their demographics before you meet them. Maybe create a short online survey before your presentation to know their desires beforehand. You can also start your presentation by asking your audience what’s the most beneficial thing they could learn today. Cardone also suggest asking the audience what they want to know. “Always get permission to give the presentation, address the time (how long it’ll take), invite any questions they may have, and start in the same place every time you give the presentation,” says Cardone. “You want stability for yourself.”

Don’t Become Lazy

Chances are you will give the same sales presentation over and over. Maybe the deck will see a few small updates each month, but the overall deck is the same. This can lead to laziness. Cardone warns that going through the motions, leaving out demonstrations and believing the buyer will buy anyway are critical errors. Presenters should always include going over key product benefits and over-delivering for their audience everytime. This will lead to more sales and happier buyers.

Prepare for Reactions

Not every audience will like your product, presentation or you. This is a tough reality, but some audiences are harder to sell than others. It’s important to be prepared for these reactions. Cardone says a buyer might try to talk you out a demonstration due to their lack of interest. “Don’t shortcut the presentation because this is where you build value,” says Cardone. “You have to be committed to your demonstration. You have to know that your demonstration will be of value to your client.” Keep your presentation consistent across every audience so that you don’t miss out on a sale.

Your sales presentation depends a lot on you. Get enough practice and feedback to perfect your practice. A presentation training course could be a great place to start. Mastering your presentation skills will lead to more sales and success in your career.

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