In the highly anticipated sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, all eyes will be on Rey. The new heroine of the trilogy played by Daisy Ridley is surrounded in mystery. Audiences want to know where she is from and who her family is. Only time will tell if we get any answers. But it’s clear that Rey has won over the fan base and gives a strong performance.

In this clip, we see Rey overpower her captor Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver. She is able to overcome her fear and protect herself at all costs. This makes her a strong leader who’s ready to take on new challenges.

presentation persona

If Rey were to take our Badge assessment, which presentation persona would she be? Based on her performance in the clip above, we would score her high in one of the four quadrants which include Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability. Her presentation persona would be the Soldier. Here’s our breakdown.


The Exploration quadrant measures how prepared a speaker is for their presentation. For the Soldier presentation persona, this is a mid- to low score. This persona tends to focus on what they believe is most important for their presentation success and nothing else. Since Rey is thrust into every situation without knowing what to do, she can only rely on using her novice force skills.


The Soldier gets a mid- to low score in the Sharing quadrant, which measures how well you perform on stage. This score has a lot to do with the lack of preparation. This presentation persona tends to appear nervous while speaking. Rey’s fear is evident when she confronts Kylo Ren but she acts fast to protect herself. She still has a lot to learn when it comes to use her force skills to their full power.


How does the audience respond to you after a presentation? That’s what the Response quadrant measures. The Soldier gets another mid- to low score. This speaker can deliver a strong call to action but will leave before an audience discussion can begin. For Rey, she obviously has enemies who are intimidated by her. She also has many friends that she met along her journey.


The Durability quadrant measures how impactful your message is. The Soldier a high score for their ability to craft an original and timeless message. Audiences will not be forgetting this presentation persona’s message. Rey has cemented herself as a breakout star in Star Wars. Her story will impact the rest of the films for years to come.

Rey is a brave, independent and passionate fighter which makes her an inspiring Soldier. Want to discover your presentation persona? Take our Badge assessment now!

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  1. Sandra Zimmer says:

    I love the character Rey. She asks to be shown what her place in all this is. That is a question I ask.

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