Startup companies have great stories to tell. The inception of any business can be inspiring and educational for entrepreneurs around the globe. If you’re struggling to find a jumping off point for your presentation story or can’t decide which story to tell, consider these questions about your company.

Why Your Startup Exists

Why Your Service is Beneficial

Why Your Product is Different

Use the answers to these questions to create a story for your presentation. Whether you are creating a pitch deck or a sales presentation, adding in a storytelling element will score you big points with your audience. Here are the best ways to include these stories in your presentation.

Presentation Storytelling Tips for Startups

presentation storytelling

Why Your Startup Exists

The most popular story that startups love to tell is why they exist. Everyone is curious to know what lead to the decision to open a business. Maybe you risked everything to make the startup successful. Or you worked tirelessly for years to perfect your product. Maybe there was a defining moment that made you quit your 9-to-5 job and invest in yourself. No matter the reason, this story is always filled with inspiration and insight.

The best place to position this presentation storytelling moment in your deck is toward the beginning. As you are introducing your company or your product, dive right into why you are standing there today. This passionate and personal journey from the fruition of an idea to the present-day situation will draw your audience in. They will become emotionally invested in your story and will help it continue with their partnership.

Why Your Service is Beneficial

Explaining the benefits of your service is a requirement for all startup presentations. Instead of reading off bullet points, tell a story. Use a real experience from a client to demonstrate how you have helped solve a problem. This story will be relatable for your audience and will provide a deeper context to how your service works.

Use this presentation storytelling tip following the introduction of your service. Your audience should already be aware of the problem your service will solve. This example will give specific insights to how effective your service is in the real world. You can follow your story with customer testimonials to drive home the benefits of the service.

Why Your Product is Different

The differentiator for your product is a major selling point for your audience. Tell them why they should invest in your startup instead of someone else’s company. Set yourself apart from the competition with a story supporting the innovation of the product. There are probably many products in the world that do the same thing – make sure the idea behind the concept of your product is different from the rest. This may be all an investor needs to hear to fund your startup.

This story should focus on the specific moment where the lightbulb went off. What were you doing when you discovered that your product is better than the rest? Tell your audience about this pivotal moment, and they will be eager to join you in your journey. Don’t avoid talking about the failures either. This presentation storytelling tip will show how your startup can recover from setbacks and stay determined.

Startups can spark curiosity and creativity by sharing their stories. Use these stories in your presentations to win over investors and inspire audiences. For more presentation storytelling tips, visit our website and check out these posts:

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