Presenters have the opportunities to reach wider audiences with the World Wide Web. Sharing presentations online is now easier than ever with upload sites like SlideShare and HTML5 hosted websites. Social media also plays an important role in building your presentation audience. You can promote your event, interact with your following and share images of your slides. Social media is a tool for marketing a presentation. There is another component to your Facebook and Twitter accounts that is growing more relevant in the business world. It’s called social media customer care.

To see how impactful social media customer care is growing, Website Builder put together a well researched infographic that you’ll see below. It includes research and stats that will help businesses improve their customer interactions. Presenters can also use this information to better their relationships with their audience. Show your fans that you care by giving them attention online.

Our three big takeaways from this infographic:

presentation audience

90% of internet users use social media to communicate with a brand. That’s a lot. Websites like Facebook track how fast you respond, so make sure you are up to date on your inbox.

Answering a social media complaint increases customer advocacy by 25%. Don’t ignore unhappy fans. Respond to their complaints and continue engaging with them to win them back.

80% of companies say they deliver exceptional social media customer service, but only 8% of customers agree. If you think you’re doing enough for your customers online, think again. Be sure that your brand stays relevant on all platforms of social media.

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