A technology presentation illustrates a world of the future. With technological advances applied to different industries every day, brand new potential is introduced to the world. That’s what Julio Gil believes in his TED talk, “Future Tech Will Give You the Benefits of City Life Anywhere.” He sees a world where everyone can work, shop and socialize from anywhere, not just a big city. Thanks to new technology, this type of lifestyle is now available at our fingertips. Gil’s technology presentation showcases a strong and effective speech.

Gil’s presentation matches directly with the Ethos3 philosophy. He begins with a compelling introduction, limits his ideas into three easy-to-remember takeaways and ends on a call to action. These components make up every successful presentation. Here’s how Gil built upon each component to lead to a strong conclusion.


This technology presentation begins the way a lot of presentations do – with an introduction to the current climate of their topic. Gil’s begins with the number of people who currently live in a city and how that number is expected to grow. “The prediction is that by 2050, 66 percent of the population will live in cities,” Gil says, “and the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, are warning us, if we don’t plan for the increased density, current problems in our cities, like inequality, congestion, crime can only get worse.” This is the problem for millions of people who choose to live in a city.

technology presentation

Gil offers his counter argument which is original and supported by his research. He then transitions smoothly to the introduction of his three main takeaways.

The Three Takeaways

“People moved to the cities not because they loved the city itself,” Gil argues, “but for the things you could have in a city, more job opportunities, easier access to services and goods and a rich social life.” Gil believes technology meets these human needs. This is where his technology presentation showcases how our advances make work, shopping and social interactions possible anywhere. He takes a deeper look into all of these concepts as the solution to the problem. Discover what those solutions are by watching the TED talk – you won’t be disappointed!

Call to Action

The point of sharing your message is to make a small change in the world, so you need a call to action for your audience. Tell them how they can help you change the world. Gil knows that a call to action doesn’t have to be complex – his is both simple and effective. Make sure your presentation content builds on itself, and then your call to action will bring your presentation full circle. Remember, Ethos3 is full of experts who can help you master your call to action, so give us a shout! Or sign up for our newsletter for even more presentation tips and tricks!

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