Developing presentation content can be a challenge for some speakers and a breeze for others. No matter how you feel about writing a presentation, your content must be strong to ensure that your message gets heard. I work with presenters daily to develop and construct effective presentation content for maximum impact and audience retention. To make each presentation stand out and have a unique voice, I turn to a number of resources for inspiration. Here are my top five resources for creating presentation content.

Presentation Content


As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sometimes if I need help structuring content for a presentation, I’ll turn to other presentations for some extra creativity. Since SlideShare is a place for professionals from all fields to share their presentations, infographics, videos and one sheets with each other, it’s one of my favorite content resources. There are tons of categories to search through and plenty of content to stir your creative juices.


Access to real industry content

Content displayed through visuals


Too many options to choose from

Pew Research Center

If you need the latest research on an industry to update your existing deck, the Pew Research Center is a haven for reliable and fact-checkable information. The researchers at Pew do all the heavy lifting by spending hours of time conducting studies and compiling data. They keep their research topics modern and timely, which is a challenge with our fast-paced news cycle. Like SlideShare, there are a variety of topics available, and you’ll love the amount of presentation content you can find. Their articles are in-depth, so be prepared to set aside time to dive in and take notes.


Trusted, bipartisan research

Timely topics

Popular categories


Time-consuming due to article length

Content Marketing Institute

I take a lot of pointers from content marketing to develop presentation content. This style of writing is meant to speak directly to the consumer, which also works effectively on presentation audiences. The Content Marketing Institute has a great blog that provides insights, updates and creative ideas for the best content. I regularly scroll through their articles to find new and upcoming trends and the best ways to create content that can reach a larger audience.


Up-to-date trends

Insider insights

Innovative ways to construct content


No specific information for presentations

HubSpot Blog

Another great blog to pull presentation content ideas from is HubSpot, which is a leader in online marketing and generates a lot of useful information. Besides marketing content strategies, they also offer insights on social media marketing and search engine rankings. This information is incredibly useful for presenters since once you’re done presenting, you’ll want to share your presentation online so it can spread to a bigger audience. Take guidance from HubSpot for the best tips and methods to make your presentation perform well online and in person.


Expertise in online marketing

Strategies for sharing presentations online

Tips for enhancing your search engine performance


No specific information for presentations


If you’re working on a business presentation, look no further than Forbes for the latest industry research. This company is recognized everywhere because of their business-focused research for a diverse number of industries. Their articles even offer advice on how to speak to different types of audiences. Use these tips to format your own presentation content that speaks directly to your audience. Whether it’s an executive board meeting, a small staff meeting or a public conference, you need to understand how to share a message effectively with many different groups.


Business-focused research

Culture-driven insights

Easy-to-read articles


Less variety on topic choice

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