What’s the best way to keep up with complete strangers after a meet and greet? Through social media, of course! We all have those Facebook friends or Instagram followers that we met on one occasion and made a connection. It’s easy to add these new friends to our social media pages and move on. But for any professional, we also know that this builds our online following. For presenters who want to see their audience grow, a strong online presence is a must. Here are some presentation tips to help you create a sustainable online following.


How do presenters get thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube? The key is consistency. To create a compelling online presence, presenters should be logging in everyday to share their ideas and to network. Not only does this raise awareness, but it builds trust between you and your followers.  Promoting your events and your expertise are easy ways to increase your leads. No matter what your end goal is, consistency in how often you post will lead to a larger online following.

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Growing an online following takes a lot of trial and error. It takes a variety of posts to measure which ones perform better. According to HubSpot, 74% of marketers use visual content in social media posts. Visuals are more likely to be retained by an audience than text only. But it’s important to show a variety of work online. Blogs and live video are also moving up in the ranks of digital marketing.

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We share plenty of presentation tips on how to engage with an audience, the same goes for your online following. Create channels for discussion with your followers to communicate through. This can be in the form of a poll question, a quiz or a live video. HubSpot reports that live videos are a growing marketing trend. They report that Facebook users spend more time watching live videos over normal videos.


Make your digital marketing content stand out in the sea of other presenters with stunning designs and compelling calls to action. Images like photos, infographics and other designs are more likely to be shared online. Tweets with images will get 150% more retweets than ones without images. Don’t forget to make the content just as eye-catching as the images. Use an active voice and appropriate adjectives to make your viewer become your fan.

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Want to boost your online following? Follow the direction of these presentation tips to cater your content to your audience’s needs. Remember to keep it consistent, varied, engaging and eye-catching. For more presentation tips for your digital marketing strategy, check out these posts:

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