She possesses power, grit, compassion and strength. She is Wonder Woman. This year, the Amazonian goddess got her feature film which broke box office records. Comic fans around the world have waited to watch their heroine on the big screen. This rendition of the iconic character, played by Gal Gadot, won over our hearts. Gadot played the superhero with all the feminist strength that her character embodies.

This scene showcases the courage and drive that Wonder Woman uses throughout the film to save the day.

Profile Map_Liberator

Based on this portrait of the character, which presentation persona would she be? According to our Badge assessment, Wonder Woman would score high in all four quadrants which include Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability. This score would put Wonder Woman as the Liberator.

Presentation Persona

Here’s how she scored:

Presentation Persona Spotlight: Wonder Woman


The Exploration quadrant measures how well you prepare for a presentation. The Liberator presentation persona goes above and beyond. This personality takes into account all the aspects of presentations, from content to design to delivery. They are passionate, energetic and determined to share a message. We see this trait in Wonder Woman. Regardless of every obstacle she faces, she has her eyes set on the goal and will do what it takes to reach victory.


The Liberator is a passionate speaker who advocated for their cause. This gives them a high score in the Sharing quadrant. This quadrant measures how well you perform on stage. Are you comfortable? Do you engage with the audience? For this presentation persona, the answers are yes. Liberators feel energized by their audience and love to entertain. Wonder Woman shares this quality. She enjoys the company of others and is a passionate speaker.


The Response quadrant measure how your audience feels about you. Did they love or hate you? For the Liberator, the audience typically has a warm response. But this presentation persona needs to remember to always ask for feedback. If you get too comfortable with your presentation, you might miss out on the opportunities to improve. We see this happen to Wonder Woman. She is so determined to defeat the god of war, that she doesn’t listen to her friends warnings about the realities of war.


For the last quadrant, the Liberator receives high remarks. Durability measures the impact of your message. For this presentation persona, you are guaranteed to have audiences talking about your presentation long after its over. Liberators create an exciting atmosphere for their message to be shared which resonates with their audience. Seeing that Wonder Woman has dominated the box office and has fans begging for more, the superhero will continue to spread her message of girl power.

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