Brand storytelling is becoming more popular in presentations for every industry. This type of storytelling serves a specific purpose. According to internet branding marketer Neil Patel, there are core elements that create a successful brand story:

The reason why your company exists.

The motivation behind why you do what you do.

The behind-the-scenes look at your company’s process.

These brand storytelling elements can be used in your presentation. They will help your audience get a deeper understanding of your vision, feel connected to you and your staff, and learn how all it all comes together to meet their needs.

Brand Storytelling

Commercials aren’t necessarily the only way to use brand storytelling, but I found a few that illustrate the concept. Here are a few examples of brand storytelling to inspire your next presentation.

Blue Apron – “Building a Better Food System from Scratch”

The strength in simplicity. This commercial is successful in how it sets up the current issues with the food industry and outshines that problem with their solution. Blue Apron combines the real images of food being prepared with illustrations of where that food came from. This is a creative take on brand storytelling to illustrate how Blue Apron is building a better food system.

Try this in your presentation: use design to distinguish multiple narratives. In this ad, the illustration shows the behind-the-scenes process. The real-life video shows the product being used and served by customers. You can make this happen on your slides to differentiate between the past and present.

Domino’s – “Blood Sweat and Teardowns”

This commercial fuses sentiment with humor. It begins with personal and touching stories by Domino’s employees before jumping to a shock factor. Throughout the commercial, the Domino’s brand is clear and present. They are showcasing their new storefronts as a way to draw in new customers. This commercial gives you a sense of direction that the company is moving in and how the employees are jumping on board.

This style of brand storytelling shows that you can mix seriousness with silliness. An audience will love a presenter that doesn’t take him or herself too seriously but is still passionate about their message. – “Our Blades are F***ing Great”

This style of brand storytelling is straight silly. From beginning to end, we follow the owner of the company through their warehouse facility where he explains how their process works with absurd humor. Right away, you meet the face of the company and get a look at their operation space. You can tell that this company has a knack for creative storytelling.

Apply this hilarious brand storytelling technique to your presentation. Unconventional storytelling is a sure-fire way to grab your audience’s attention and keep them on the edge of their seats. The key is to use quick pacing and commit to style. If you try too hard or not hard enough, your audience won’t buy it.

Brand storytelling can help create a compelling narrative for your presentation. Remember to keep the audience at the center as you explain your passion, motivation and process. For more tips on presentation storytelling, check out these related posts:

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