Former Saturday Night Live cast member Seth Meyers has been at the helm of his own late night talk show for four seasons. What makes his program Late Night with Seth Meyers stand out from the rest of the line up is his consistent political aim. Even on SNL, Meyers was the host of the show’s satirical news program Weekend Update. Now his weekly show is a combination of satire mixed with heavy reaction and his passionate point of view.

Every week, Seth Meyers presents a segment called “A Closer Look” which breaks down a popular news story. Meyers uses video clips, quotes and repetition to make his case. The segment always comes around full circle for a hilarious conclusion.

Meyers is witty, enthusiastic, and well-versed in the topic. So, what would his presentation persona be? Based on our Badge assessment, he would score as the Educator. He would score high in three of the four quadrants which include Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability.

presentation persona

Presentation Persona Spotlight: Seth Meyers



Seth Meyers scores high in the Exploration quadrant, which measures how prepared you are for a presentation. The Educator researches and plans ahead for every presentation. Judging by the amount references Meyers makes to previous video clips and statements, he and his team put in the time and work.


The Sharing quadrant is another high score for this presentation persona. All the work Educators put into their preparation helps them win over their audience. In this case, the audience cheers for Meyers throughout this segment. He uses his personality and sense of humor to keep the audience entertained while sharing his message.


The Educator gets a high score in the Response quadrant as well. This presentation persona is very in tune with their audience and knows how to interact with them. Meyers can make an audience laugh, and can also laugh with his audience. He takes the time to allow these moment to happen.


This quadrant is the only mid- to low score for Seth Meyers. Educators need help crafting a message that will be remembered over time. Like teachers in the classroom, Meyers in his talk show setting is a temporary space. The message and energy exists in this space but doesn’t carry far outside of it.

Seth Meyers is a sharp, prepared, and hilarious speaker, which makes him a strong Educator.

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