Illustration mixed with a bit of humor and a distinct point of view. That was my first impression after viewing the designs created by Jean Jullien. The French designer’s work can be found in magazines, on clothing and stuck on a wine bottle. Each design has character and a story. This is an important concept to remember for presentation design. Jullien current lives in London where he works on photography, video, costumes, books and posters.

Presentation Design Inspiration: Jean Jullien

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The Horoscopes

These illustrations were featured in Elle Italia Magazine. Each is a new take on the horoscope symbols. Each image has a simple and silly approach for the cosmic signs.This shows that you don’t always have to take a literal approach to visuals for your presentation design. Look at the full spread here.

The Chairman

This funky creation shows how a simple design can be applied to almost anything. Jullien created the man and designer Abois sculpted the chair. You can see some more images of Jullen work on the wall behind the chairman. See more images here.

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“Chairman” – Jean Jullien


Jullien’s prints have made it on their own clothing label. According to his website, Jullien says he created the clothing line with his friend Jae Huh. The familiar face appears on bags, hats and shirts for men and women. You can view more of the designs here.

The Moog Collection

This 2016 collection honors some of the greatest synthesizer pioneers who coincidentally all died in the same year. On his website, Jullien says he was honored to be asked to design this print collection for Moog Music. Moog Music is an Asheville, North Carolina music company founded by Robert Moog, a music engineer who invented the Moog synthesizer used to create many electronic sounds heard in music today. See the rest of the collection here.

Petit Appetit

This is one of my favorite collections by Jullien. Each illustration tells it’s own little story in a humorous way. I love how you can recognize this as Jullien’s work by his character illustration. These prints were features in a show in Paris. View the rest of the gallery here.

Draw Down Book

The publishers from Draw Down showcased Jullien’s creations in his own book. It features print illustrations and designs incorporated with real-life objects. The book is fresh and fun, filled with design inspiration. See more images from the book here.

The Pin Collection

You can wear Jullien’s work in the form of a pin. The collection features cute animals and silly faces. This makes me think of a creative way to share your presentation iconography. Creating a pin version of your icon design can be a unique way to share your design with an audience. You can look at the other pin designs here and make a purchase.

The design by Jean Jullien show how versatile designs can be. You can wear your creation, put it in a book, or show it off in a presentation. The possibilities are endless. For more presentation design inspiration, check out these posts from the Ethos3 blog:

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