Every good presentation needs a good marketing plan. Every good marketing plan needs to include the latest trends. Digital marketing trends are the newest trends to change the industry. Research shows that 50% of businesses use digital marketing but without a strategy. Using digital marketing trends to promote your presentation can help you build upon your strategy and build your audience.

What are the latest digital marketing trends? According to Entrepreneur, business should include these in their strategy: visual content, interactive content, live video, expiring content and in-store applications. These trends are important for overall marketing strategies, but they can also be used in promoting your presentation. Here’s our tips for how to use today’s digital marketing trends for your presentations.

Digital Marketing Trends

Visual Content

Visuals speak volumes when compared to text on a PowerPoint slide. As we have written many times before, research shows that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Presenters should rely on their visuals to spread their message instead writing it out. Include design elements and themes that will make your presentation more shareable. Use infographics, illustrations, photography filters, iconography and typography.

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Interactive Content

Create interaction with your presentation through audience engagement. Holding a question and answer session or discussion is great during your presentation, but you can implement this engagement digitally. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter let you ask poll questions. Create your own poll before and after your share your presentation online to gather more insight on the interest in your topic. You can also make fun quizzes, similar to Buzzfeed’s style.

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Live Video

Video marketing is on the rise. This year, it’s expected that 69% of internet traffic is made up of videos. That is expected to rise to 79% in 2018. Now, almost every social media app has a live video feature. Use this digital marketing trend to share your presentation with your fans as it’s happening. Let a friend record your presentations and give your audience a behind the scenes look at your event.

Expiring Content

In the article mentioned in the introduction, Entrepreneur reports that SnapChat has had a big influence on digital marketing trends. Creating a story that disappears forever once it’s viewed is exciting for consumers. It can make them feel like they are part of something special and exclusive. In a way, presentation themselves are a form of expiring content. No presentation performance is exactly that same as another. Make your audience aware of that through social media messages emphasizes how special the event will be.

In-Store Applications

Entrepreneur’s article introduced me to beacon technology, which allows businesses to interact with customers digitally. For example, a retailer can send push notifications to shoppers in their area alerting them to a sale. I have not heard of this type of technology being used in the presentation arena, but there is potential. Maybe you can offer discounted tickets to your event by notifying your contacts. This is a digital marketing trend to keep an eye on.

Digital marketing is evolving as new technology gets released. Stay up to date with the best ways to promote your presentations by joining the Presentation Revolution.

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