Motion pictures are viewed more today than ever before. We spend hours watching television, movies and videos on all kinds of devices. You don’t have to have a produced show to make a video either. New research shows that 1.5 billion people watch YouTube every month. This allows us the ability to share our story via video online.

To create effective video storytelling that will impact your audience, use presentation tips that we preach on Ethos3. Videos are a form of presentation and can be improved by following many of the same rules that presenters follow. We applied our research to video storytelling to give you these three pointers.

3 Presentation Tips for Video Storytelling

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The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text-based information. That’s why strong visuals impact us more than words. While having a script is important to video storytelling, you need to put in a lot of thought for the visuals. Create a storyboard to plan out what types of visuals you will need. The more thought put into your visuals, the better. Research shows that visuals increase retention by 42% so your audience is more likely to remember the images you use in your video.


A voiceover in your video can help propel the story forward. Deciding to add it to your video depends on your audience. Forbes reports that millennials feel voiceovers can make a video feel dated. But older audience will like the straightforward approach to telling the exact message. So, as you consider using a voice over in video storytelling, also consider your audience.


How long your video runs can impact how well it performs online. Some websites have restrictions on how long a video you can upload. But keep in mind, most audiences will begin to lose concentration after about 10 minutes. If your video is pushing 20 or 30 minutes, consider splitting it up into two or three parts. If you want to share it on social media apps like Instagram or Twitter, it’s best to share a one-minute preview and direct viewers to the full video elsewhere.

Video storytelling is an innovative way to share a message today. While we are exposed to content like this everyday, make yours stand out. We hope you can elevate your video storytelling techniques with these presentation tips.

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