We all love a good laugh, and improv comedy can be a source for that laughter. Many assume improv is meant to a funny performance, and they usually are. But improv is also an exercise that all performers do to practice. There are a few improv rules that presenters can use to make become a better public speaker.

3 Improv Skills To Better Your Public Speaking Skills


Work Through Failure

Not all improv sketches get the positive reception desired. Sometimes a joke won’t get laughs or a scene will derail. It’s okay. In improve, you have to work through the scene until it’s over. The same can be said for presentations. While you are presenting, you might mess up. An animation may not work or a slide may go missing. Work through it. If you can act as if nothing has gone awry and not draw attention to the mistake, your audience won’t know something went wrong.

Stay On Your Toes

Another improv skill that can help you in all areas of life, especially presentations, is staying aware and alert. The art of improv is that the unexpected can happen, and performers have to be able to react quickly. Presenters need to add this ability to their public speaking skills. Just like stated earlier, something can always go wrong during a presentation. How you react will save you a lot of pain and suffering. The best way to master this skill is to have a deep understanding of your presentation and practice in front of others.

Are you an entrepreneur? Here’s how improv skills can help you run your business:

Show, Don’t Tell

Improv involves commitment. Performers have to work with each other and commit to the characters they play. This determines their actions and moves the plot forward. Apply this philosophy to your public speaking skills. If you are determined to explain how your product works, then bring it in for a demo. If you want people to ask you about your business, engage with your audience. Develop a strategy for your goals and stick to it.

While improv is entertaining, there are valuable lessons to be learned from these performers. Take their advice and apply it to your public speaking skills to give better presentations.

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