He’s a 15-year old wiz kid who has a love for math and science, and happens to shoot spiderwebs from his hands. Spider-Man is a classic comic book superhero that is getting it’s third adaptation this year with Tom Holland playing the title character. What fans have come to love about the character is his innocence and spunk. Spider-Man does not want to sit on the sidelines, he wants to take action and help save the day.

In this scene, we see how he struggles to hide his superhero identity. His lack of preparation and his uncontrollable curiosity ends up getting him in some trouble. But thanks to his quick thinking and strong allies, he comes out successful.

Presentation Persona

So, how would Spider-Man score in our Badge assessment? I would say his presentation persona is the Befriender, where he scores high in one of the four quadrants which include Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability.

Here’s my breakdown:


This quadrant measures how much preparation you put into a presentation. Like we saw earlier in the movie clip, Spider-Man ends up exposing his true identity to his best friend. Throughout the film, he has to sneak out of his home to fight crime. He also ends up in dangerous situations when he ignores the advice from Tony Stark. This gets him a mid- to low score in Exploration because Spider-Man tends to act in the moment.


While Spider-Man is courageous, he is not always confident. Whether he’s tackling villains or trying to avoid Aunt May, he is still a kid that has a lot to learn. The Sharing quadrant measure how natural you are on stage, and this is another low score for Spider-Man. He has a lovable personality that makes audience’s root for him, but his performance as a superhero sometimes causes more damage than good.


This is where the Befriender passes with flying colors. Because this presentation persona is funny, kind and lovable, they get a high score in this quadrant. Does Spider-Man get in over his head? Yes. But the audience still roots for him and loves to see him win. Spider-Man likes being a force for good in his community and has made a positive impression on his neighbors and classmates.


The Durability quadrant measures the impact of your message. This is a low score for the Befriender because of the lack of preparation that goes into their presentation. With some research and refinement, this score can improve. In Spider-Man, the audience sometimes isn’t sure if the hero is doing more harm than good. His sloppy tactics to stop crime can end up hurting others, which doesn’t send a consistent message. Thankfully, Tony Stark and the Avengers have taken him under their wing to help Spider-Man become the superhero he wants to be.

Your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man is charismatic and energetic, which makes him a fun Befriender. Want to know your presentation persona? Take the Badge assessment now!

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