Don and Ryan Clark run a graphic design agency in Seattle called Invisible Creature. The brothers are a product of a long line of designers. Their grandfather spent most of his life as an illustrator (most notably as an employee at NASA) and their father is a master woodworker. According to their website, the brothers attribute their precise and imaginative creations to familial influences.

“We’ve just been influenced by the arts ever since we can remember and I didn’t really have a backup plan. It was always, I want to do this, I want to draw and I want to make music.” – Don Clark, Master of One Podcast

While they had meager beginnings in the illustration industry – they started via doodling in school notebooks – their first design company, Asterik Studio, merged their punk rock interest with their design skills.

The work Invisible Creature creates is as eclectic and unique as the area where they work. Invisible Creature’s office is located 30 miles away from downtown Seattle on 10 acres of woods and farmland.

A collaboration with the Foo Fighters on a CD cover allowed them to move away from working with smaller punk rock and hardcore bands and take on design work for bigger names.

Foo Fighters


In an interview for the Master of One Podcast, Don recalled the most rewarding projects he and his brother have worked on throughout their career. For Don, there were many projects that became turning points for the duo.

Invisible Creatures also had the opportunity to work with NASA – an honor for them considering their grandfather’s legacy with the program.



Focus is essential.

If one characteristic is clear across Invisible Creature’s work and professional approach, it is focus. Through Asterik Studio, Don and Ryan expanded their portfolio of services and range of industries served. But after 5 years with the agency, it became evident that they needed to focus their design efforts. The product of their narrowing is what Invisible Creature is today – a creative company that produces print designs and illustrations for a variety of brands and businesses.

Whether it’s emphasizing aspects of their design skill sets or choosing paths based on a commitment to family, the owners of Invisible Creature understand the value of focus. Their design portfolio reflects that understanding. Looking through different samples of the pair’s work, you’ll notice the triggers of nostalgia and personal or universal meaning tied to each piece.

When thinking about your presentation design, consider how you want your audience to feel as they stare at your slides. What emotions do you hope they experience? Use your responses to focus your design elements and scheme.

Remember where you came from.

Vivid colors. Sharp lines. Playful illustrations. All describe Invisible Creature’s material.

“I hope that our work represents the fun that we have when we are creating it.” – Don Clark, Master of One Podcast

With their illustrations, Don and Ryan iterate on the old stuff they like – designing it in their own, unique ways to create positive associations in the minds of viewers.

“I just love old stuff and putting our spin on it where it doesn’t feel like it is too retro. I want it to feel now, but I want it to remind you of something you have seen before.” – Don Clark, Master of One Podcast

In your presentation design projects, put your heart and soul into the final product. Idealize your most perfect world or business setting and recreate it visually for your audience.

How will you draw inspiration from Invisible Creature for your presentation design?

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