The design duo Tyler and Elsa Lang make up the Portland, Oregon based illustration group Always With Honor. The team has created icons and images for posters, websites and even a U.S. postage stamp series. Their story is one of hard work and risk taking that will help you fuse your next presentation design with inspiration.

Presentation Design Inspiration: Always with Honor

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In an interview with the design blog Designboom, the couple says they met while in school at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. After graduation, they both moved to New York City to work at studios, while posting their own designs on a blog they titled, “Always with Honor.” This created freelance work opportunities for each of them and they now have their own studio in Portland. Their unique take on illustration fits a personalized style that only elevates their work. “What it’s a logo, an infographic, a poster or an icon set, the DNA of our work has always been a whimsical take on the subject matter executed as simply and boldly as possible.”

Simplicity is Key

A simple design can create a lasting effect on our memory. Always With Honor has mastered this with bold colors, thick lines and 2-demensional figures. This style adds personality and charm to a presentation design and is easily shareable online. Many clients have come to Always With Honor for the creation of their branding. Not only has this helped the design group achieve success, but it has helped their client be more expressive within their brand. Having a set of icons can amplify a presentation design, while being used on a website or brochure, and shared on social media. You get a bundle of opportunities with just one set of icons.

Take the Challenge

Some of Always With Honor’s favorite projects have been the most challenging ones. Featured in an interview with Deign Week Portland, Tyler and Elsa say they enjoy trying new things. These include designing restaurant menus and murals. “I feel like it’s more interesting when you pull something off that you didn’t expect to, rather than doing what you’ve done before,” says Elsa, “I know that I can draw something in Illustrator just fine with my eyes closed. But when it comes to putting a thing up on a wall and there’s no way to take it off, it’s just very stressful. But very, very rewarding in the end.”

By keeping their minds and eyes open, Always With Honor has added versatility to their portfolio. A lesson can be learned by always accepting a challenge; it pushes you to places you never thought your work could take you. The pair has worked with clients such as Airbnb, Audubon, Chronicle Books, Dell, Delta, ESPN, Facebook, GQ Magazine, Microsoft and more.

How will you draw inspiration from Always With Honor for your next presentation design?

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