Human resource managers and staff members take a lot of time getting to know their colleagues at the workplace. Often times, the HR manager is the first person you meet at a new job, and they are responsible to implementing training for various company policies. Training employees for on boarding or for a new procedure can be time consuming and energy draining. But new research suggests storytelling can make HR presentations more impactful and effective.

If you are a HR manager or team member that is preparing for a presentation, stop what you’re doing and download our Free Presentation Template for HR Training. This guide will help you craft a compelling story to use in your presentation, as well as creative ways to elevate your design. In the end, our goal is to help you create an impactful HR presentation that inspires your audience to take action.

Download the Free Presentation Template for HR Training now!

To make your training presentation more interesting for you and your audience, here are some tips!

Presentation Template

Keep The Audience Busy

Prepare worksheets or plan stopping points throughout the presentation for discussion. The more you engage with your audience throughout the training, the more interested and focused they will stay.

Clearly Lay Out Your Message

As you write the content for your presentation, keep it simple and to the point. On your presentation slides, avoid using bullet point lists that go on and on. Instead, stick to one main idea per slide and express the message you are delivering.

Ask For Feedback

It’s important to ask your audience for feedback when it comes to training. This is the best way to test if your message was received. Your audience could provide insights on how to improve your training and ask any questions they may have.

Inspire Your Audience to Grow

The purpose of any HR training is to improve employee relationships and company workflow. Your final message should inspire your audience to act to better their personal lives, work relationships, and overall company goals.

To reach these goals, use our Free Presentation Template for HR Training. Your messages will be more effective and your audience will be more engaged. For more on developing impactful presentations, check out these posts from the Ethos3 blog:

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