He’s a medical genius, a closed-off colleague, and a skeptic in anything that isn’t rational (that is, until he discovers another dimension.) Dr. Strange is one of Marvel’s newest characters to get his own movie, adding another unique voice to the group of Avengers. But his personality (and powers) are different from other superheroes, which sets him apart. Through the eyes of a presenter, he has a unique presentation persona that leaves an unforgettable experience.

In this scene from the 2016 movie, we learn a lot about Dr. Strange. We see that he is highly intelligent, quick on his feet, and blunt with his comments.

Presentation Person Spotlight

So how would I score Dr. Strange on his presentation persona? Based on this scene, I would score him as the Scientist, where he scores high in one of the four quadrants which includes Exploration, Sharing, Response and Durability.

Scientist Map

Here’s my breakdown:

This is Dr. Strange’s highest score because he is a genius and know-it-all. When it comes to being a neurosurgeon and winning an argument with someone, Dr. Strange is always prepared. He’s good at practicing at skill to perfection and coming up with plans to save the day. His overly-ambitious attitude helps him excel in his newly discovered powers and help solve problems. Much like the Scientist, Dr. Strange’s best presentation asset is his brain.

This quadrant is all about how natural you are while presenting in front of others. And it’s a low score for Dr. Strange. His interactions with everyone in the film are a bit coarse and awkward. He may be a smart and capable man, but he does not know how to interact with people who are trying to befriend him. The Scientist should try to be less critical and closed off, and relax a bit more in order to improve his interactions.

There’s a mutual reaction to how Dr. Strange treats others. Many of his work colleagues and friends do not like him either. With the exception of Dr. Christine Palmer, who is seemingly the only human who cares for him. This gives him a low score in the Response quadrant. Dr. Strange doesn’t leave any room for anyone to question him or make a comment. He tends to walk away as soon as he’s done saying what he needs to say. Much like the Scientist, there are no thoughts on audience engagement while preparing a presentation. By taking some time to hear the opinions of others, he could increase his likeability, even if by a little.

This quadrant is about measuring the impact of your message. Will your presentation last in the minds of your audience for 5 days, 5 years or 5 minutes? Dr. Strange needs to work on this quadrant as well. Because of his low scores in Sharing and Response, his message lacks impact. While the preparation of what he will say and do is extensive, his ability to drive home the meaning behind his words and actions is weak. The Scientist needs to be more thoughtful on the overall message they are sending, to better the connection with the audience.

Dr. Strange is an ambitious, intellectual and independent character, which makes him an inquisitive Scientist.

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