The flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing, and love is in the air. Wedding season is in full swing. It’s the happiest day for couples around the world. And one that they will never forget. If you are a best man or maid of honor, you have the responsibility of giving a speech at the reception. This task can be daunting if you are not used to public speaking or writing speeches. But there are some simple pointers that will help you compose an impactful speech that will touch the hearts of the bride and groom.

How To Give An Impactful Speech In A Wedding Toast

Impactful Speech

Be Emotional

It’s okay to display some emotion during a wedding speech. Weddings are an emotional time for the bride, the groom, their families and their friends. So even if you have the toughest skin and the strongest attitude, it’s perfectly normal to shed a tear or two while toasting the newlyweds. This is one way to make your impactful speech stand out as a touching moment for your friend’s big day.

Be Silly

Weddings are all about having fun! The wedding speech is the perfect time to tell an embarrassing story or perform a song. If you are at a themed wedding, like Disney for example, you can totally go all out with a medley of songs. But if music isn’t one of your talents, telling a joke or a funny story about the bride or groom will surely have everyone laughing. An impactful speech does not have to necessarily be serious. You can create the same impact by showing how much fun you can have with the bride and groom.

Be Surprising

Some of the best wedding speech moments involve an element of surprise. You can make your moment a million times more unforgettable by giving the bride and groom a surprising performance. This might take more time and effort to prepare, especially keeping it a secret from everyone. But it will be so worth it in the end. And talk about an impact! Wedding speech surprises have been known to go viral, so make sure someone is in charge of filming it.

Be Yourself

No matter what you plan to do or say for your wedding speech, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. The key to an impactful speech is that it comes from the heart. Sharing heartfelt stories about the bride and the groom will be enough to make the moment magical and memorable.

Celebrating love, family and friendship are at the core of every great wedding speech. You can pull inspiration from your experiences with the bride and groom, and go above and beyond with a surprising event. Not matter how you decide to perform your speech, staying true to yourself will create the most impactful speech for your best friend’s wedding.

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