Motivational speakers can create a career out of their words. What sets them apart from other public speakers is the way they use their words. They inspire, encourage, and, of course, motivate their audience to act. Some people are naturally better at this than others. Here are our picks for the presentation personas who are the best motivational speakers.

The Advocator

This presentation persona has a natural enthusiasm for spreading their message to a crowd. The driving force behind the message is to get your audience to act. Activators have a strong stage presence with high energy and optimism, qualities found in motivational speakers. This persona also loves getting to know their audience after the presentation is over. While this all works to create a great first impression, there is room for improvement when it comes to crafting a memorable message that will stay in the audience’s minds for years to come.

The Advocator

Advocators will stop at nothing to share their message, which makes them great motivational speakers. They count on the strength of their message so much, they don’t put much thought into the look of their presentation or their stage presence. But the words they use are likely to resonate with their audience and become a viral quote or video.

The Demonstrator

Like the peacock icon that goes with this presentation persona, the Demonstrator loves to dazzle their audience. They put in lots of work on the front end, so that their presentation looks amazing come show time. This can get you a lot of attention as a motivational speaker, but the struggle is getting your audience to remember your message. Because so much of your emotion goes into the performance, you might feel drained afterwards. This can impact your interactions with your audience, and the lack of following up on your campaign. You already have a natural flair, so don’t walk away as soon as your presentation is over. Instead, dedicate extra time to getting to know your audience better.

The Liberator

The optimistic visionary. Liberators are capable of motivating people in their sleep. Their dominant personality make them great public speakers. This presentation persona uses their intelligence to plan ahead and make their message impactful. Just be mindful that your message isn’t too fluffy, repetitive or self-focused.

The Producer

This presentation persona is a practical and inspiring speaker. Using research and logic to craft their message, the Producer can motivate their audience to adopt a new look on life. While the Producer is always prepared before a presentation, they sometimes forget to engage with their audience afterwards. Taking the time to do a Q&A session can make your audience’s experience one they won’t forget.

These are just some examples of how our presentation personas can make great motivational speakers. Take our Badge assessment to find out if you match any of these profiles. Find out more about how you can become an empowering presenter with What’s Your Presentation Persona? Discover Your Unique Communication Style and Succeed in Any Arena.

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