Google Earth has added a new feature to enhance the user’s experience as they virtually travel around the globe. The feature called Voyager lets users take tours of several different parts of the world, in partnership with nonprofits, scientists and storytellers.


Voyager incorporates different stories to educate people about nature and civilization. The new feature allows you to tour cities like never before, and the 3D visuals have improved. Here are some examples of how Google Earth is using storytelling.

Scientist Jane Goodall team up with Voyager for a series on her chimpanzee research. Users can tour the Gombe National Park in Tanzania to learn more about the primates.

You can tour mountains, cities, islands, jungles and deserts with the National Treasure series. Google Earth and BBC Earth teamed up to take voyagers to these reaches of the planet, loaded with interesting information.

This Is Home is a series that gives users a peek inside real homes of real people around the world. The user can learn more about different cultures and lifestyles from people living thousands of miles away.

And Sesame Street is giving kids a world tour with their Girl Muppets Around the World series. It shows how the show is helping communities in the Middle East, South Africa, and China.

Voyager offers more activities and information to the Google Earth user. Instead of aimlessly clicking around the globe, you can now go on an adventure and learn a thing or two. This is proof that storytelling can amplify the best qualities of a product. Not only has the technology improved, but so has the point of view. Using stories to explore, education and entertain an audience will always have them coming back for more.

Google says they plan to add new stories each week to Voyager. You can discover them by clicking on the ship wheel icon.

Source: Google’s giant Earth update: Now you get storytelling, better 3D, plus guided tours

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