Yesterday, Apple put many of their Mac and iOS apps in the App Store for free for every device – regardless of its version. Each individual app would typically cost about $5 to $20. Whether you are a novice or expert presentation designer, you need to consider downloading some of the entirely free apps. Presentation designers don’t have to use the latest and greatest programs to communicate their messages. The best content is created with the audience in mind. The quality or complexity of the software you use to produce that content is not important in the grand scheme of your presentation. If you own an Apple smartphone or laptop, check out the following apps.


Companies and brands that use video in their marketing strategies earn more social shares, garner higher web traffic, and increase revenue. Presentation designers who incorporate video into their decks improve their chances of audience members turning into leads or customers. You can do it all without a sophisticated camera too. For example, I shot and edited the video below in one hour one evening with just my iPhone 5S in tow.

Is it the highest quality video content? No. But it’s something and it doesn’t look half bad. Just think what the presenter on a budget could do with iMovie and some creative inspiration.


When you are on the go, don’t you want an app you can open up to jot down notes and random presentation thoughts? Although the concept of “going analog” is trendy at the moment, we spend approximately 90 minutes each day perusing one app or another on our phones. That’s 23 days out of a year. Let’s stop kidding ourselves and give in to our innate desire to be hopelessly connected. Pages is a stripped down version of Microsoft Word. With the app on your phone and accessible at all times, you can create presentation content whenever you want or need to produce it.


If you haven’t tried integrating audio elements into your slides, download GarageBand for free and test it out with your unique presentation material. Create your own sound bed or beat to play at the start of your speech. Set the tone of your message with audio you devised. Similar to iMovie, the GarageBand app allows users to mix and edit their audio files on a single interface.


Finally, the most obvious of the apps I’ve outlined in this article, is Keynote. Of course, presentation designers must obtain the presentation production tool as soon as possible. Bring your various media pieces – the video you captured and edited with iMovie, the outline you wrote in Pages, and the audio you produced in GarageBand – together through the app.

It’s empowering to hold all of the keys to presentation success in your palms – or your smartphone. Presentation designers of every skill level would benefit from downloading iMovie, Pages, GarageBand, and Keynote today. Take advantage of Apple’s free release.

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