Although marketed primarily to teachers for the purposes of classroom learning, Sony’s Vision Exchange system and technology has far-reaching impact. About a month ago, Sony introduced Vision Exchange and two accompanying LaserLite projectors. The product provides similar benefits to both teachers and presenters.


Just as the modern-day classroom has changed, so too has the modern-day presentation space. This technology includes features that allow it to be used in varying types of venues. From a wide lens shift range to it’s single-cable interface, this device works well in conference rooms and a variety of meeting spaces.


For small, intimate presentation spaces, this projector system would effortlessly bring in interactive elements. This is perfect in a time where less and less people want to be talked to and would rather be talked with. Presentation attendees can collaborate on group activities and present their own ideas collaboratively by connecting wirelessly to share content.


While the cost of the product hasn’t been officially announced, Sony ensures that it will be a cost-effective option for consumers.

If your company is constantly delivering internal and external presentations, you may want to take a look at Sony’s Vision Exchange – especially if you regularly brainstorm and share ideas with each other. To find out more about the best presentation tech you can buy, click on the following links.

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