One of the most crucial tools in a presenter’s toolkit is a presentation remote. There are a variety of brands and types of remotes at the presenter’s disposal. But we just can’t get enough of the Logitech brand. Our CEO, Scott Schwertly, almost exclusively uses Logitech presentation remotes during his speaking gigs. But, even within the Logitech umbrella, some presentation tech operates better than others. We’ve delivered hundreds of presentations using the Logitech R800 over the years, but we recently gave the Logitech Spotlight presentation remote a try. Here’s what we found to be the pros and cons of each kind of presentation tech.

Logitech Spotlight


1. This remote has an Advanced Pointer System which enables presenters to highlight specific information within their slide decks – all with one button. Presenters are able to zoom in and out on imagery, giving the audience an interactive experience.

2. With the Spotlight remote, presenters have more control over variables in their presentation. Set a timer so you don’t run off schedule. Did you forget to charge your device? This remote can gain a 3-hour charge in one minute.


1. On the other hand, the Logitech Spotlight presentation remote is too loud – especially for the presenter who adopts the perspective that the more slides you have, the better your presentation will be. Each click of the button will irk your front row participants.

2. In addition, this product may cost more than most presenters want to pay for a device that helps them control the flow of their slides. The price is approximately $130.

Logitech R800


1. In comparison to the Logitech Spotlight presentation remote, the Logitech R800 is significantly less noisy. If your deck has hundreds of slides, your audience won’t even notice as you click through the presentation.

2. This particular presentation tech is great because it still includes many of the same functions as the Logitech Spotlight remote. It’s got wireless technology, as well as optimal portability for the traveling presenter. Instead of the highlighting technology, however, this remote features a laser pointer. Basically, you get similar features for cheaper – about $60.


1. The design of this remote isn’t as sleek as the Logitech Spotlight. So presenters looking at both options should assess which one feels best in their hands.

2. Also, there’s a definite lack of simplicity when compared to the Logitech Spotlight remote. There are more buttons, but those buttons are quieter.

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