Presenters who excel in their area of expertise thirst for the opportunity to share their message in front of an audience. Many would love to do this 24/7, but obviously, they need to make a living too. All presenters want to know… What’s the secret, the magic formula to obtaining a paid public speaking engagement? While there are multiple routes you can meander, some standard methods exist.

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1. Conduct an event

Instead of waiting around to hear back from other speaking events and conferences, create your own! Whether you host a small meet up or conduct a webinar, take your dream into your own hands. It never hurts to get yourself out there and make a lasting imprint on as many people as possible. Word of mouth is a great starting point to achieving your goal of a paid public speaking gig.

2. Be a consultant

Analyze your product or service. Is there a way that you can contact companies and organizations in your area to set up consultations? By providing real value in-person to audiences, you can create strong connections. Use this method as a networking tool and as a way to clinch a paid public speaking engagement.

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3. Get involved locally

Start small. Grow big. Don’t immediately shoot for the stars and apply for huge, national conferences. Begin at the local stage – perhaps your Rotary Club or chamber of commerce. Set yourself up for success by communicating to your local community.

4. Know where to look

When you are ready to branch out to larger venues and conferences, ensure that you are searching for the right fit and applying for the right places. For example, LinkedIn is a great resource for presenters beginning their public speaking engagement search. Ask yourself what the purpose of your speech is and the exact results you hope to achieve through your talk. The responses to those questions will help you narrow down your list of public speaking gigs.

5. Speak on broad topics

Finally, approach your paid public speaking gigs from a keynote mindset. You aren’t in workshop land anymore. Stick to a presentation on a broad topic, rather than a specific area within that topic. This will allow you to appeal to the masses and increase your chance of getting that paid public speaking opportunity you want.

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