If you are anything like me, the moment your alarm clock rings you proceed to reach for your phone. If you are anything like me, your phone rests right beside you throughout the night. So, if you are anything like me, you’ve probably noticed the impact social media has had on your day-to-day life. Of the 2.3 billion people interacting via social platforms – an increase of 176 million from previous years – 400 million frequent Instagram. For the modern designer hoping to be discovered among the pile of 80 million photos displayed on Instagram, author Austin Kleon has some advice for you.

The One Thing All Modern Designers Should Be Doing

Although Instagram isn’t the most-used social media platform at the moment – that title belongs to Facebook – it has its own unique strengths. According to a recent Pew Research poll, of all Instagram adult users, 95% also participate in Facebook. The sharing potential among both of the social networks is significant and certainly something today’s designers should emphasize when marketing their work. Check out some real-life examples of designers incorporating Austin’s ideas in their social behaviors:

Show Your Process

Film graphic designer, Annie Atkins, spreads the news about her film graphics workshops by posting photos of students engaged in the creative process.

Source: Annie Atkins Instagram

She even takes photos of the tools needed to complete a particular project to entice fellow designers to come enhance their skills.

annie atkins tools

Source: Annie Atkins Instagram


Share Unfinished Work

British designer, Kyle Wilkinson, utilizes Instagram to update his followers on his most recent experiments. For example, the following image depicts a typography test in action.

typography test

Source: Kyle Wilkinson Instagram

He also posted the photo below of a behind-the-scenes look of a recent project.


Source: Kyle Wilkinson Instagram


Aggregate Your Inspiration

Designer, Will Bryant, morphs his Instagram account into an inspiration station. Take this post about a shop he visited about a week ago.


Source: Will Bryant Instagram

Will discovers inspiration for his creative works in a variety of places – including this building in Arkansas.


Source: Will Bryant Instagram

In 2017, designers would benefit from diversifying their Instagram presence and capitalizing on the massive audience social media captivates.

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