Presentations will be reviewed for the Society of American Foresters 2017 National Convention. The event is scheduled for Nov. 13 to Nov. 19 and will take place in Albuquerque, NM. Those presenters who plan to submit their presentations for review should consider these 3 elements:


Throughout the convention, 6 primary sessions will be highlighted. These include the following:

Integration – Incorporating different viewpoints into the forestry field

Adaptation – Redefining the field in response to change globally

Transformation – Using new ideas to innovate forestry

Forest Policy – Presenting qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Knowledge Exchange – Discussing the introduction of ideas and information

Construct a presentation around any of the themes listed above for the Society of American Foresters 2017 National Convention.


Of the 1,400 attendees, presenters can expect the audience to consist of “respected scientists, senior government and industry officials, heads of firms and agencies, university deans and professors, nonprofit organization leaders” and more according to SAF. Do you believe you have an interesting perspective or angle on forestry topics? Reach the right audience at the right time through this convention.

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There is also an opportunity to submit abstracts for one of the many workshops during the event. From agroforestry and forest ecology to recreation and wildlife management, the topics available for proposals are varied. Check out the full list here.

Presenters interested in submitting a presentation for this event have the opportunity to enhance marketplace presence, establish personal relationships with valuable connections, and distribute their ideas to a wide range of audience members. If you plan to put your presentation to the test, make sure to set it up for the ultimate success. For more information on improving your presentations, review the resources below:

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