On September 2nd of 2010, Derek Sivers stepped on the TED stage to give a marvelous talk about the importance of keeping your goals to yourself. The talk is short, powerful, and backed by solid research.

This TED talk embraces some of my usual presentation favorites: brevity, research, dynamism, and above all – enthusiasm.

Source: sivers.org

So, how would I score Derek Sivers or what would be his persona? Based on this short presentation, I would score him as a Liberator where he scores high in all four areas: Exploration, Sharing, Response, and Durability.

Here is my explanation:

Exploration Banner

Sivers has obviously done his homework. This stems from the fact that he presents a ton of proof stretching as far back as the 1920’s – demonstrating why people who share their ambitions are more likely to quit those goals.

Sharing Banner

Sivers’ enthusiasm and energy is undeniable which makes him magnetic on stage. He also has charm, charisma, and confidence which go a long way with any audience. In this case, his audience appears to be enjoying his stage presence.

Response Banner

I love how Sivers utilizes words like “Imagine” to challenge his audience to think about his subject matter during the beginning of his talk. He also challenges them again towards the end of his talk making him attentive and strategic.

Durability Banner

The topic of goal setting resonates with the masses making this talk a winner. We always want to improve. We always want to be better. We all want to know the tips and tricks to live a more vibrant life.

Derek Sivers is a wonderful presenter which makes him a powerful Liberator.

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